why the reds won

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  • Civil war- why the reds won?
    • leadership- role of trotsky
      • whites had few competent leaders, either weren't disciplined or too disciplined leading to deserters
      • Trotsky had little fighting experience but a skilful organiser and propagandaist
      • he directed war from special train travelling to fronts w equiptmentto keep up morale
      • he was ruthless, grain requisitioning use to feed army, used death penalty for disloyalty and desertions
      • recruited 50,000 ex tsarist officers to train red army
      • reintroduced traditional ranks and practices and used conscription
    • geography
      • bolsheviks held central areas including Moscow and Petrograd
      • changed capital to Moscow, at the hub of railway network
        • central areas heavily populated so could conscript easily
      • whites were scattered, making communication and transportation hard
    • unity and organisation
      • reds shared same aim and goal- they were also v committed to their cause
      • white generals operated independently and fought for different objectives
    • support
      • although green support varied, generally red land policies were more popular than whites associations tsarist policies
        • so red had more peasant support as lenin legitimised their right to land
      • whites lost national minority supporters wanted independence but not what whites offering. they were suspicious of slogans like Russia one and indivisible


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