Why Some Reject Natural Law

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  • NL conflicts with principles in their religion
    • Jesus teaching - when wronged "Turn the other Cheek", DON'T retaliate
      • NL contradicts religious scripture
    • NL, its morally acceptable to retaliate when wronged
      • The justice of an Ordered Society
  • Questions Aqinas belief - Universal Human Nature
    • Argued that this absolute approach - leads to INJUSTICE
      • E.g. Gay people have been denied rights by some religious groups
        • Like the right to marry their partner
    • What applies to one, applies to all
    • Gay religious believer argue - Sexual Orientation part of their nature
      • Should be recognised and treated equally
    • Quakers - reject NL absolute approach - more relativistic approach
      • Allow Same Sex couples to marry in their religious buildings
        • Since the law change in 2014


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