Why some people do not believe in life after death

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  • Why some people do not believe in life after death
    • If there is no God, there is nothing non-material e.g. no Heaven
    • Different religions have different idea about life after death, if it were true they would all say the same thing
    • The main evidence is holy books and they all contradict each other
    • Most beliefs assume that the mind or soul can survive without the body
      • Science has proven that the human mind grew more complex as the brain grew more complex so the mind cannot exist without the brain
    • No one has undoubtedly returned from the dead
    • Science has shown that when the body dies the brain dies
    • There is no place life after death could take place. Space exploration has shown that there is no Heaven above the sky and physics has shown that there is no non-material world on Earth
    • We can only recognise people by their bodies so how could we recognise souls without bodies


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