Why People Do Sport

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  • Why people do sport
    • Fashion/ Media
      • sports clothes can be fashionable
      • educational/interactive/entertaining shows on TV
      • popular sports get more funding and coverage
    • Culture
      • retired people can't take part in certain sports
      • gender does not matter
      • many sports accessible for those with disabilities
    • Resources
      • some areas can't afford to provide some sports
      • good facilities attract more people
      • transport affects oppurtunities
      • local environment affects availability of some sports
      • working people have limited time
      • seasonal sports
    • Health and Wellbeing
      • body becomes better at healing
      • body becomes better at curing illness
    • Socio-economics
      • some can afford certain sports e.g. polo
      • some sports are more expensive  than others
    • People
      • sporty parents influence and encourage kids
      • sport with friends can be more fun


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