Believing in God

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  • why people believe in God
    • Because of the upbringing
      • Church
      • authorities of faith
        • parents
        • priests
        • teachers
      • catholic schools
      • prayers with family
    • Miracles
      • Show the presence of God
      • Religious experience
        • make you feel closer to God
          • numinous
    • Religious experience
      • make you feel closer to God
        • numinous
    • Argument of causation
      • everything need a cause
        • the first cause is God
    • argument of design
      • Paley
        • Everything need a designer




I am not meaning this offensively to the creator of this resource, but not everything has been covered on this mind map which is to do believing in God. Only the first five segments of unit 1 section 1 have been covered and not all of the religious experiences are here either, you have only included miracle and numinous, but what about prayer and conversion? These also fit into the religious experiences. I am aware that this mind map does have 'why people believe in God' in the center, but what about the reasons for non-belief such as the scientific explanations of the origins of the world, unanswered prayers, the problem with evil and suffering, christian responses to the problem of evil and suffering and the media and belief in God. This is all of the reasons why I have given this resource such a low rating, if people were revising, then this would not help, and some people could potentially fail their GCSEs due to looking at this mind map. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone. 



beautiful website go0t me threw the day;)

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