Why is the Buddha's Life so Important?

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  • Why is the Buddha's Life so Important?
    • The Four Sights
      • Old Man
        • all people grow old
      • Sick man
        • all people become sick
      • Corpse
        • everyone dies
      • Ascetic (Monk)
        • seek inner release from human fear of death and suffering
    • The Buddha's early life reminds Buddhists that suffering and death are inevitable parts of human existence no matter how hard or how privileged your upbringing was.
    • Suffering
      • Neitherlife of luxury or life of extreme harshness lead to spiritual liberation. The Buddha encouraged for people to follow the middle way, a life of balance.
    • Potential
      • enlightenment is possible
    • Individual
      • Our quest for enlightenment is individual. Gods cannot help us, we are on our own
    • Example
      • follow the Buddha's path and teachings to reach enlightenment
    • Struggle
      • the path to enlightenment is difficult and we will face many struggles and temptations
    • "whoever sees the dhamma sees me and whoever see me sees the dhamma."
      • - The Buddha


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