Why is climate change a global issue?

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  • Why is climate change a global issue?
    • Resource reliance
      • Qaanaaq- rise in sea level proves that they can no longer continue traditional fishing methods.
        • end to Inuit traditions.
    • Distinctive landscapes
      • more or less rainfall leads to different levels or erosion. + sea level rise.
    • Dynamic development
      • sea level rise (Tuvalu) means loss in land- cannot feed themselves.
      • more rainfall means flooding- they cannot deal with such events.
        • spreads disease
      • LIDCs lack infrastructure
        • spending money/ debt further hinders development.
      • drought cases famine- insufficient work force
    • Global hazards
      • rising global temp = more frequent tropical storms with more energy.
    • sustaining ecosystems
      • Norilsk Nickel- acid rain- SO2
        • 30 km no veg
      • deforestation in Amazonia- no carbon sink.
      • mining and farming lead to enhanced greenhouse effect.


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