"Why I Am Not A Christian" by Russell B.

A mindmap showing the basics of text 4 of the anthology unit for Edexcel's A2 Religious Studies - "Why I Am Not A Christian" by Bertrand Russell. This text did appear in June 2012 so may not be used again but worth to know anyway!

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  • "Why I Am Not A Christian" Russell B.
    • Summary
      • Russell is doubtful whether Christ actually existed.
      • He does not understand the difference between eschatology and realised eschatology - i.e. Jesus' Second Coming and the Kingdom of God present in Jesus.
      • Only God the Father know the time of the Second Coming.
      • Russell thought Jesus' contradicted himself regarding his Second Coming, and was therefore unwise and his followers thought the Second Coming was soon.
    • Links to Unit 3
      • Kingdom of God debate over whether present / future / both.
      • Eschatology and judgement related to the Kingdom of God (internal evidence of Luke's Gospel).
    • Links to Other Units
      • Religious experiences of believers. Jesus must exist if he's changed lives and is still changing them today.
      • Persecution of Christians from Nero's rule to today (China and North Korea). People are willing to die for Jesus and why die for a lie?
    • Links to Religion and Human Experience
      • There is more historical evidence for Jesus' existence than Julius Caesar. But who was Jesus?
      • Scholars understand the difference between the present Kingdom of God and the End Times.
      • The Church needs to counteract the ignorance regarding Jesus, otherwise faith will be lost.
      • If Russell is correct, Christianity is based on false information and millions of peoples' beliefs worldwide will all be for nothing. Major unrest and division of people meaning lack of community cohesion!


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