Changes to family styles and attitudes - why?

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  • Why have attitudes changed to marriage, divorce, family life and homosexuality in the UK?
    • UK has become multi -faith and multi- ethnic society.
    • People are more tolerant to the views of others
    • Christian teachings are no longer taken so seriously by many people.
    • The Church is less influential
    • Reliable contraception means sex is safer and families can be planned.
    • Decline in traditional family values
    • Women are less dependent on men for money.
    • Sexual relationship attitudes have become much more relaxed for many people.
    • Changing roles of men and women have changed the nature of family life.
    • Divorce laws have become less complication, therefore divorce is easier and less taboo.
    • Co-habitation more common, less marriage and therefore divorce rate decline.
    • Homosexuality more widely accepted.


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