Why girls are achieving in education (external factors)

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  • why girls are achieving in education (external factors)
    • impact of feminism
      • feminist movement challenged the stereotype of womens role being housewife and mother
      • The changes are reflected in the media, strong independent women
      • affected girls self esteem and abmitions
      • more likely to work hard in school and improve educational achievement
    • changes in the family
      • increase in divorce rate
        • cant rely on husbands to provide financially so have to work hard to look after themselves
      • increase in single parent families
        • finaincially indeopendant female is new role model. need well paid job and good education to do this
    • changes in womens employment
      • equal pay movement
      • can achieve higher status jobs which gives girls the motivation to achieve
    • changes in womens ambition
      • morewomen in paid work due to sex discrimination act and can break through the glass ceiling
      • encouraged girls to see their future in terms of paid work rather than housewives
      • greater opportunities provide incentive to gain qualificatioms
      • sue sharpes- 1970;s girls priorities were love, marriage and kids
        • 1990's girls more likely to put a career as main priority and work hard in school to achieve this


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