Why girls are achieivng in education (internal factors)

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  • Why girls are achieving in education (internal factors)
    • equal opportunity policies
      • fiemisnt ideas- most schools a re likely to treat boys and girls equally
      • policies like GIST encourage girls to persue careers in non-traditional areas.
      • means girls are encouraged to work harder and therefore achieve more
    • positive role models
      • increasing proportion of female teachers and heads
      • act as role models and show how its possible for women to achieve positions of importance
      • may encourage girls to wrok hard in school in oder to achieve similarly important jobs
    • gcses and corusework
      • girls are better organized than boys so theyre more successful
      • take care with presentation and are better at meeting deadlines
    • teacher attention
      • jane and peter French- teachers respond more positively to girls
      • more likely to label boys as disruptive whereas girls as cooperative
      • labelling may lead to self fulfilling prophecy in which successful interactions with teachers promote girls self esteem and rasie achievement levels
    • challenging stereotypes in the curriclum
      • removal of gender sterotypes from textbooks ect
      • previously women were portrayed as housewives and men were in carers doing science
      • rasies girls achievement by presenting them with more positive images of what women can do


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