Why does Stalin need to modernise so quickly?

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  • Why does Stalin need to modernise so quickly?
    • To increase the USSRs military strength
      • A war could only be won if there was a modern industryto produce weapons
      • Do not want to fall behind other countries' military power
    • To rival the economies of the USA and other Capitalist countries
      • When Stalin took power much of Russia's industrial equipment had to be imported
      • He wanted to make the USSR self sufficient
        • So it ould make everything it needed for itself
      • He wanted to imporve standards of living
        • So people would value the Communist rule
    • To increase food supplies
      • He wanted more workers in industres, towns and cities
      • He wanted to sell grain abroad o raise cash
        • To buy industrial equipment
      • Fewer peasants had to produce more food
        • Farming would have to be reorganised
    • To create a Communist society
      • Communist theory said:
        • Most of the population had to be workers if Communism was going to work
      • In 1928 only about 1/5 Russians were industrial workers
    • To stablish his reputation
      • Lenin had made big chnages to Russia
      • Stalin wanted to prove himself as a great leader by bringing about even greater changes


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