why do people obey 

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  • why do people obey
    • legitimate authority
      • people obey authority figures whose role is defined by society because they are seen as legitimate
      • Milgram, the prestige of Yale university  and the technician in the lad coat made particpants more likely to obey
    • gradual comitment
      • once someone has complied with a small request its hard to refuse a similar but more extreme request
        • foot-in-door effect
      • in Milgram's study the voltage gradually raised so once the initial shock was done it was easy to move higher
    • contractual obligation
      • once someone has agreed to something they do not want to back out in fear of being labelled as a quitter
      • in Milgram's experiment contractual obligation could have made the participants feel like that had to continue
    • the agentic state
      • autonomous
        • behaving independently being aware of our actions and being fully responsible
      • agentic
        • acting as agents of others therefore not responsible passing blame by claiming to follow orders
        • in Milgram's study participants trusted the experimenter so therefore went into an agentic state
    • buffers
      • people are more likely to obey if they are being protected from the reality
      • in Milgram's study the proximity was 65% when they couldn't see the victim compared to 30% when they could


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