Why did Wolsey rise to power?

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  • Why did Wolsey rise to power?
    • Character
      • Manipulative
      • Trustworthy
      • Able
      • Ambitious
      • Intellectual
      • Driven
      • unusually proud
      • ostentatious 500 servants
      • "I shall do so and so"
    • H8 character & involvement in governing
      • Henry VIII appreciated finer things
      • Disliked dealing with matters of state
      • Complete disregard for his responsibilities
      • Lack of Knowledge on governing required a chief minister
    • Patronage
      • H8 awarded him with cheif minister over nobility preffered someone from a lower social background
    • Ability
      • Organised 1st french campaign in 1513: equipped army of 30,000 men
        • Organised transport supplies and equipment
        • Big Task but Wolsey showed tireless energy an commitment to achieving it
      • Degree from Oxford aged 15
      • Cardinal: Someone appointed by the Pope
        • Papal Legate 1524 (act on behalf of the Pope)
    • Aid from others
      • 3 influential figures: Sir Richard Nanfan, Bishop Fox and Archbishop Warham
        • men all eventually retired
        • Nanfan recommended Wolsey to the King
        • Nanfan recommended as H8 Chaplain
        • Fox taught Wolsey many skills he needed to understand and munipulate the political arena
        • Fox a good friend of Wolsey


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