Why did Transportation stop being used as a punishment?

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  • Why did transportation cease to be used as a punishment?
    • Transportation to Australia
      • Britain transported to Australia in 1783 because criminals could not be sent to North America
        • North American War of Independence
          • England had lost these colonies
      • criminals that had been convicted of theft - not violent crimes
    • Why was transportation seen as a serious punishment?
      • After their 7 year sentence, they could not go back home because of the cost of the journey back.
    • Advantages of Trasnportation...
      • alternative to building new prisons, prisons did not have the capacity to hold too many prisoners.
      • Prisoners held, would help populate the colony, which would help Britain secure it's ownership
    • The journey
      • convicts were kept below deck in dirty cramped conditions
      • The journey took 3 months
      • The new masters provided food and housing.
    • Why did it end in Australia?
      • many people believed that ex-convicts were responsible for high crime levels in some Australian towns.
      • free settlers argued that convict workers meant that there were fewer jobs for others.
    • Why did it end in England?
      • British campaigners said the conditions were inhumane - others said it was too lenient
      • Australia was becoming a desirable place to settle.
      • the costs of running the prison colony in Australia was a concern.
      • more prisons were built in Britain


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