why did tories win 1951 election

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  • why did the tories win the 1951 election?
    • labours weakenesses
      • attlee's government was worn down by heavy economic difficulties such as debts and declining exports
      • labour had an image of high taxation and rationing and was seen as the party of the working class
      • trade unions had resentment for labours policies and slowness to respond to workers demands
      • entry into the Korean war in 19650 divided the partys left
      • the benavite rebellion of 1951 over prescription charges led to a number of ministers resigning
      • 8700 million in debt
    • conservatives strengths
      • conservative recovery of morale - especially after the 1950 election. The nationalisation issue (especially of iron and steel) gave them a cause round which they could rally and on which they could attack the government (strong platform for opposition attacks
      • reorganized the party under Lord Woolton and younger Tory MP’s such as Butler began to bring new ideas and confidence to the party,
      • promised to stop rationing and austerity
      • FPTP favoured the tories as they only won 48% of the vote but took power
    • labour achieved all they said they would in their manefsto


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