Why did the Nazis have success in elections? 1929-1932

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  • Why did the Nazis succeed in elections?1929-1932
    • The Depression
      • After the Wall Street Crash, Hitler's 25 Points became particularly attractive.
        • They called for the banning of the Treaty of Versailles, which was had initially caused Germany's economic collapse.
          • The 25 Points were attractive for those who had suffered most in the Depression
            • The unemployed
            • The middle classes
            • The elderly
    • Nazi Campaigning
      • Propaganda
        • Very effective - slogans not detailed policies
        • Blamed Communists, Jews, Weimar politicians,and ToV for Germany's problmes
        • Could be found everywhere
      • Other factors
        • Rallies were huge and enthusiastic
        • Compared to the Communist street fighters, the ** and SA seemed refined and disciplined
        • The Nazis set up soup kitchens and shelter for the unemployed
        • Hitler was an asset
          • Modern man with modern ideas
          • Powerful speaker and good communicator
          • Man of the people
    • Negative Cohesion
      • The idea that people voted forHitler not because they agreed with him but because they hated the same things as he did
      • Constitution
        • The Reichstag was in bad shape. Politicians were fighting over insignificant problems and real problems weren't being tackled.Hindenburg had to bypass the democratic process altogether using Article 48 to get anything done.
        • Everyone had a shared dislike for the Weimar Constitution so this increased Nazi support.
      • Communists
        • There was also a shared dislike and fear of Communism.
          • Communist street fights were scary and threatening.
          • The middle classes feared the Communists' discrimination of them.
          • The business owners feared Communism's state owned businesses.
          • Industrialsts were scared of Communism's trade unions
          • Farmers were scared by Communist farming policies where peasants were imprisoned.
      • Decadence
        • Some more conservative people disliked Weimar's decadent culture and wanted to return to more traditional German values, which is what the Nazis wanted to do.


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