Why did the Nazi's become more popular in the years 1929-1933?

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  • why did Hitler become more popular in the years 1929-1933?
    • Propaganda
      • The Hitler Youth Organisation was set up to encourage younger followers. - Camping trips, firing guns, wrestling, reading maps and building campfires.
      • The Nazi's took part in parades and rallies to show off power.
      • They used radio broadcasts, cinema, news reports, newspapers, leaflets and posters to advertise.
    • Rise of the other German extremist parties e.g. communists
      • Hitler promised to fight Communism.
      • Hitler sent his private army, the stormtroopers (SA) to fight with communist gangs.
      • He gained support from the German middle and upper classes because he promised to deal with the communist threats.
    • The Great Depression
      • Those that didn't listen to him now started to listen to him.
      • The Nazi's continued to repeat their core beliefs: 1) Treaty of Versailles is a crime to Germany 2) the Jews should be blamed for economic problems 3) Germany should be reborn as a great and powerful country.
      • Their message was still the same as the early 1920's, except now desperate Germans wanted to believe them and vote for them.
    • Germans were unhappy with the Weimar government
      • Germans wanted an extremist group to get the changes done.
      • The government couldn't agree on how to help the unemployed and Bruning used Article 48.
      • Bruning wanted to seize rich peoples land to give to poor peasants but the new President Hindenburg withdrew his support as he had a lot of land.
    • The appeal of Adolf Hitler
      • Hitler had a charasmatic personality.
      • He could make people believe that he could be trusted to make Germany a great nation.
      • As a powerful and inspiring speaker he was able to fill his audiences with hope.


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