French Failure in Indochina

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  • Why did the French fall in Indochina?
    • Ho's popularity
      • US official pointed out unpopularity of Bao Dai
        • Government had no appeal to the masses
      • Seen as a patriot, who cared about the ordinary people
      • Fairer distribution of land
      • Education and health programmes
    • Viet Minh General Giap's brilliance
      • Paid great attention to winning over ordinary people and dealing with civilians
      • Units held self-criticism sessions
      • Soldiers willingly suffered for Vietnam
      • Start with guerrilla warfare to wear them down, then move to set-piece battles
    • Strength and Ingenuity of the Viet Minh
      • Proved elusive and determined
      • Guerilla tactics utilised physical geography
      • French struggled on the flooded dirt tracks
      • Fought for Vietnamese freedom and social justice
    • French Arrogance
      • Tried 'yellowing' their army, but didn't trust the new recruits
      • Beginning to lose interest and heart in Indochina
      • Failed to anticipate peasant volunteers turning their own guns against them


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