Why did the Arms Race Develop?

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  • Why did the Arms Race Develop?
    • External Factors
      • Soviet Security
      • Arms deemed necessary to safeguard interests
      • Soviet boasts
      • Berlin Blockade
        • Communist China
          • Korean War
        • Evidence used by USA to develop the H Bomb
          • Communist China
            • Korean War
      • Became a substitute for war
    • Internal Factors
      • National Pride and reputation- especially in the Third World
      • A yardstick to measure success of ideology
      • Difficult to reduce spending due to public perceptions
    • Domestic Factors
      • USSR- armed forces exert influence within government
      • USA- 30 million manufacturers scientists and armed forces in employment
      • Political insecurities of USSR e.g. Khrushchev led to boasting
      • Political insecurities of USA e.g. Kennedy young and inexperienced


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