Why did the 1917 March revolution succeed?

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  • Why did the 1917 Revolution succeed?
    • Tsar abdicated
      • Left space open for other people to fill in
      • Led to anarchy
      • He and his family were shot
      • Civil war started
    • Royal family lost support of people and army
      • Nicholas II went to the war front, leaving the Tsarina in charge
        • She worked with Rasputin
          • Appointed the wrong people
          • Royal family support damaged further
          • Lack of organization led to food shortages
          • Replaced ministers were incompotent
            • Rasputin's friends
        • War losses were blamed on him personally
      • Army used to crush rebellion
        • 12 March 1917: Tsar officially lost support of the troops. They shot their officers and joined in the riots, refusing to fire on crowd.
      • October manifesto and Duma, Nicholas II had promised reform
        • Empty promises
    • World War
      • Initially produced support for the Tsar
      • Army deserted
      • Soldiers sent unprepared i.e. no guns
        • Many casualties ( 500,000 I think)
          • Demoralized people
            • Army deserted
      • Stretched Russian's resources to the limit
      • Tsar went to war front
        • Personally blamed for losses
          • Demoralized people
      • Formation of Soviets
        • They knew what the people wanted
        • Powerful leaders
        • Appealed to russians
        • Damaged Provisional Government's reputation
      • Peasant discontent
        • Long working hours
        • Overcrowding
        • Poor living conditions
        • Backwards agriculture led to food shortages
        • Few rights
        • Peasants made up 80% of population
      • Food shortages
        • Huge bread queues in Moscow and St Petersburg
          • People became desperate
          • Peasant discontent grew
          • Most people didn't get bread. Those who did got about a handful (500g)
        • Because of lack of organization from government and war requirements


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