Why did Stalin rise to power

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  • Why did Stalin rise to power?
    • Control of the party
      • 1919 sverdlov dies, Stalin took control of his positions. In charge of the orgburo and made general sec
      • Appointed his supporters to key positions
      • supervised the Lenin enrolment and gained support
      • Triumvirate and Duumvarite. Stalin took advantage of the strengths of his colleagues, he was central.
      • Trotsky, Zinoviev and Kamenev kicked out in 1927
    • Luck
      • Lenin's testament isn't released
      • Trotsky doesn't attend Lenin's funeral
      • Dzerzhinsky and Sverdlov died and if they didn't die Stalin wouldn't have key positions
      • Lenin died
      • Bukharin expelled from the party 1929
        • K and Z expelled 1928-9
    • Weakness of his opponents
      • All his opponents underestimated him
      • Trotsky didn't built a powerbase, Bukharin left forming alliances too late
      • During the infighting of 1924-25, Stalin acted as peace maker and gained support
    • Stalin's policies
      • He wanted Socialism in one country which appealed to party members and presented himself as ideologically correct
        • Painted Trotsky as anti-Russian because he wanted global scale revolution
      • Supported the ban on factions, which helped because K and Z were accused of factionalism
      • the grain crisis in 1927 made Stalin decide to end the NEP which gained him support
    • Stalin's personality
      • Tactical, became close to Lenin and claimed he knew what Lenin wanted
      • Percieved as dull and grey which meant that no one saw him as a threat
      • Loyal to the party, ruthless


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