Why did Stalin make the great turn

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  • Reasons for the great turn
    • Economic
      • Peasants weren't producing enough grain
        • in 1913, grain exports were 12m tonnes but under the NEP it never exceeded 3m. So USSR couldn't fund industrial tech
        • Peasants weren't selling grain because they lacked the right machinery. They worked for themselves and their relationship with the Gov was bad
        • Lack of incentive. There were no goods for them to buy so why sell
        • in 1927, procurement was down 25%
      • Slow industrial growth
        • The NEP saved the economy but couldn't provide for the frame work for large scale industrialisation (Davies)
        • War scare in 1920s which made Stalin convinced that the USSR would be attacked so industrial growth was neccessary
    • Ideological
      • NEP was not socialism and was producing a hierarchy. (NEPmen and Kulaks)
      • Nep was only for recovery, it encouraged private trade and markets and Kulaks became an obstacle
    • Political
      • The grain crisis in 1927 meant that Stalin could use Bukharin's support for the NEP against him
      • Stalin had to prove that he was an equal successor of Lenin through the economic transformation of the USSR


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