Why did Henry VII want a divorce?

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  • Why did Henry want a divorce?
    • Catherine of Aragon
      • Henry was tired of Catherine. She was 5 years older and lost her physical attraction.
      • Catherine didn't provide an heir to the throne, only giving birth to a daughter, Mary.
      • An heir was a political necessity and, as she was unable to produce an heir, she became more devout.
    • Anne Boleyn
      • Henry fell in love with Anne Boleyn , who refused to become his mistress.
    • Christianity
      • Two texts from Leviticus forbade marriage to a brother's wife, and therefore the marriage to Catherine was unlawful.
      • Henry believed that the miscarriages, still-born and lack of sons were a sign from God.
      • Henry argued that his marriage to Catherine went against divine law, not canon law and that the Poe had no right to issue a dispensation.
    • Charles V
      • Henry was disappointed at Charles V failure to support him in 1525. Because of this, Henry wanted revenge.
      • This put Catherine in a difficult as she was closely linked with the Spanish
      • Charles's rejection of Mary at the same time damaged Henry's plans for succession.


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