Why did Henry break with Rome?

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  • Why did Henry break with Rome?
    • Act of Succession
      • marriage to Catherine was invalid
      • Only Mary was declared ilegitimate
      • Significance = Anne became queen and Henry rejected the authority of Rome
    • Act of Supremacy 1534
      • England was no longer under the Pope's control
      • He decided everything about the English church
    • The Succession
      • Anne Boleyn was pregnant in 1533
        • needed to make the marriage valid so that the child was a legitimate heir to the throne
      • Henry needed a male heir to secure the Tudor dynasty
        • female rulers = weak
      • fell in love with Anne and thought she would provide him with a male heir
      • main concern was to divorce Catherine of Aragon because she could no longer have children.
    • New Protestant ideas
      • Anne Boleyn, Thomas Cranmer and Thomas Cromwell were supporters of religious reform and influenced Henry
      • Henry did not follow all of Martin Luther's ideas, but decided to follow certain aspects of Protestantism
        • Kings should be head of the Church
      • Henry believed he should be in charge of every part of life including the Church because of a book by William Tyndale
    • The State of the Church
      • Henry = stubborn + wanted complete control
        • many priest's loyalty was divided between Henry and the Pope
      • people were concerned over the poor quality of the clergy
        • some priests did not know Latin and were speaking it without knowing its meaning
      • small minority criticised the church
        • most people were happy and took pride in their parish churches
      • Richard Hunne refused to pay funeral fees and was found dead in prison after being sued- member of the clergy had apparently killed him.
    • Money
      • Church raised large sums of money - donations, birth, marriage, funeral fees and tithings (10th of wages go to Church)
        • criticism on how wealthy the church was becoming
      • Henry raised money from taking it from the Churches
      • He banned giving money to the Pope through the Church
      • earned money after spending lots on wars in Europe


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