Why are Oceans Important Mindmap

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  • Why are Oceans Important?
    • The Benefits on Humans
      • Stores 50 times more Carbon Dioxide than our atmosphere
      • Produces  more than 50% of the Oxygen we breathe
      • Regulates the Earth's climate by transporting the heat from the equator to the poles
      • 76% of all US trade involves some sort of marine transportation
      • The Ocean provides us with many fun activities E.G. Boating, Kayaking, Whale Watching etc.
      • The Ocean Provides us with not just Seafood, but  many ingredients found in surprising foods like Peanut Butter and Soy milk
      • The US Ocean economy produces $282 billion in goods and services
      • Ocean dependent businesses employ almost 3 million people
      • Many medicinal products come from the ocean, including the ones that help to fight cancer
      • Responsible for supplying freshwater to the whole planet by forming  the clouds that supply fresh water to land
    • The Benefits on Animals
      • It is home to the greatest abundance of life on Earth
      • The vast Ocean allows many animals to be protected from outside threats
      • Many animals would die without the Ocean
      • Has many different 'Zones' (layers) in which many different species thrive in
      • Harbors biodiversity on Earth
  • If the Ocean didn't exist, there would be nothing to regulate the heat. Humanity would die from dehydration, in mere weeks, then vegetation would begin to blaze, until Nothing on Earth existed


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