Why are oceans important?

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  • Why are oceans important?
    • The oceans give us food and without this we would die.
      • They give transport  but also ship goods to other places
      • We get medicine from the sea and we do fun activites like sailing . Would you really want to swim in dirty water??
    • The ocean covers 72% of the earth  but we are destroying it
      • 90% of the predators are gone
      • 100 million marine animals die each year because of plastic pollution.
    • Every breath you take comes from the ocean
      • The ocean is our life line, we cant live without it.
    • We already know our planet is in danger and much of it is because of the sea, if we start to realise this we will live in a healthier and happier environment
    • Our water comes from the ocean and it is an integral part of the water cycle
    • The temperature and weather is very much affected by the ocean as it can absorb heat and many other factors.
    • There are so many amazing species in there, some that we have not even discovered and they are all so innocent.We can't harm them!


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