Why are Oceans important?

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  • Why are Oceans important?
    • The Ocean food chain
      • Plankton and algae are at the bottom of the food chain.
        • Krill feed on these organisms, and smaller fish eat the krill. Bigger fish then eat the smaller fish.
        • Coral also feed on algae, and coral reefs are very necessary for the ocean ecosystem.
          • Due to increasing water temperatures, algae is having a hard time surviving, which leads to coral reefs dying.
    • Ocean facts
      • The Ocean covers about 70% of the Earth
      • Oceans absorb a lot of CO2 from the atmosphere, which helps to reduce the effects that climate change has had on the planet.
      • There is only one 'World Ocean', as they are all connected, but there are five ocean basins.
        • These Ocean Basins are known respectively as the Pacific, Atlantic , Southern , Indian and Arctic Ocean
    • Other things to consider ...
      • The ocean is slowly becoming more acidic from absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.
        • Ocean water is supposed to be alkaline, and the pH of the water has to be delicately balanced for the marine life to survive in.
      • The ocean is the most important part of the water cycle.
        • This is because large amounts of water evaporate regularly from the world's oceans, to condense in the sky when they meet cold air to form clouds and rain.
      • The ocean controls world climate patterns.
        • Climate is regulated by transferring heat from the equator to the poles.


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