Why are Oceans important?

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  • Why are the oceans important?
    • Health
      • every second breath comes from the oceans
      • we get more than half of our oxygen from the sea
      • the waves crashing relaxes our brain and makes us feel good
      • great for blood circulation
        • seawater relaxes your muscles
    • Nature
      • the largest mountain ranges and canyons are in the oceans
      • 50 percent of the U.S lies beneath the ocean
      • it is possible to find lakes and rivers in the oceans
      • 20,000 species of fish live in the ocean
    • Protection
      • 12% percent of the land is protected by national parks. only 2% of the oceans are protected.
      • the results of over fishing could prove fatal for some species.
        • disrupt the food chain
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