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  • Who were the Klu Klux Klan?
    • Origins
      • set up in the 1860s by soldiers who had fought in the American Civil War
      • 'The Birth of the Nation' a film showed the Klan saving white people from black criminals.
      • Reinforced idea of white supremacy in 1915
    • Beliefs
      • Terrorised black people newly freed from slavery
      • WASP's (White Anglo Saxon Protestants)
      • Saw themselves as superior to others
      • Anti-communist, anti-black, anti-jew, anti-catholic, against all foreigners
    • Organization
      • Wore white sheets and wore white hoods
        • Conceal identity of members who often attacked at night
      • White colour of uniform symbolised white sumpremacy
      • Carried American flags and lit burning crosses
    • Membership
      • In 1920 they had 100,000 members
      • By 1925 they claimed to have more than 5 million members
      • Most members were white, protestant and racist.
    • Activities
      • Lynching of black people
      • Stripped people and put tar and feathers on their bodies
      • Dragged people from jail and beat them, some to death
      • Whipped with branches
      • Beat people to unconciessness
    • Decline
      • Leader Grand Wizard David Stephenson convicted of **** and mutilation of a woman on a train
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Anyone got reasons for rise in KKK membership

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