Who is using the New Media

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  • Who is using the New Media
    • A generational divide
      • BOYLE (2007)
        • New media is normally associated with young people.
        • There has always been a generational divide
        • Communication technology has always been used by young people
        • Adult anxieties remain the same
        • Young people use is that it is a 'now' media
        • We must be careful not to exaggerate generational differences
      • There is a generational divide between how people use new media
      • Some commentators worry about the easy access to pornographic websites or new forms of bullying
      • 16-24 yr olds more likely to spend time on the internet
      • 25+ sent more text messages
      • 40% of adults use social networking sites
      • The average age of an online gamer is 33 years
    • A class divide
      • The poor are excluded from the information highway.
      • Of the richest households in the UK 80% had internet access
      • BOYLE
        • In 2005, 40% of homes did not have digital TV
    • A gender divide
      • Girls between 12 - 15 are more likely to have mobile phones and use the internet
      • LI & KIRKUP (2007)
        • Significant gender difference in the UK
        • Men are more likely to use email
        • Men are more confident about using computers
    • A global divide
      • 3 out of 100 Africans use the internet
      • 85% of the web is in English
      • SEATON (2003)
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