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  • What caused the Red Scare?
    • Hoover: strongly anti-communist
      • director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
      • 1947
        • President Truman let him set up The Federal Employee Loyalty program
          • FBI could investigate government employees to see if they were current or former communists
            • If guilty, put on the Black list
              • Family and friends of a communist/ former communist were placed on the Black list too
              • Fired, couldn't' find work
          • 1947-1950
            • 3 million people investigated
    • the House of Un-American Activities commitee
      • Set up to protect the US from threats
      • 1947: Hollywood Ten
        • FBI gave them evidence that communists were working in Hollywood as script writers, directors and actors.
          • Various members questioned
            • Some named names of people they suspected
              • Walt Disney one of these
            • 10 refused to answer questions
              • Why?
                • Had a right not to share information
              • Result
                • Sent to prison for over a year
                • Lost future of work in Hollywood
                • Friends and family blacklisted
                • Made front page news
    • Alger Hiss
      • Whittaker Chambers admitted to HUAC he had been a communist in the 1930s.
        • Said Hiss had been in the same group, but Hiss denied it.
          • Nixon pursued it further
            • Found evidence that Hiss had passed information to USSR in the war
              • Sent to prison for misleading court about not knowing Whittaker
      • Important person in State- betrayed own country
        • Many Americans shocked
    • 1949


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