Who were the Tolpuddle Martyrs?

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  • Who were the Tolpuddle Martyrs?
    • farm labourers
      • George Loveless and his brothers were trying to protect their families and their wages.
      • Lived in Tolpuddle - Dorset
    • Wanted to protest about their low wages
      • 6 shillings a week, when it should be 10 shillings
      • arrested to stop their political activities
        • George Loveless was arrested on his way to work, they were accused of 'administering an illegal oath'
    • Their punishment was being Transported to Australia
      • 7 years
      • spend 8-9 months travelling to Australia
        • conditions were very harsh
      • most severe penalty they could have gotten for that crime
    • Demonstration held in London
      • about Parliament and their harsh punishments
      • 200,000 petition signatures were collected
      • Trade unions supported the men's families as parliament refused to accept it.
      • 4 years later, the government pardoned them and released them early.


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