Introduction to Witchcraft

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  • Witchcraft
    • 1542 Henry VIII
      • Witchcraft Act
        • Witchcraft it punished by death
    • 1563 Elizabeth I
      • Act against Conjurations, Enchantments and Witchcraft
        • Witchcraft is trialled in common court (more severe). Minor witchcraft = time in stock
    • 1604 James I
      • Witchcraft and Conjurations Act
        • Death penalty given to anyone summoning spirits
    • 1735 George II
      • Witchcraft Act
        • Witches seens as confidence tricksters and punished with fines and imprisonment
    • Social reasons
      • Vagabonds made rich people suspicious of them
      • accusations of witchcraft were made by wealthy people
    • Economical reasons
      • Late 16th century
      • failing wages and rising employment
      • raised tensions
      • death of farm animals was blamed on evil spirits and witches
    • Political reasons
      • When Henry VIII came back into power, Witchcraft became a crime against the king.
      • Not just a crime against the state, or a religious crime
    • Demonologie
      • James I wrote this book
      • mentions that Witchcraft is a crime against God and not just the king.


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