Who Treated the Sick?

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  • Who Treated the Sick?
    • Barber-Surgeons
      • No training
      • Carried out bloodletting, pulling teeth and lancing boils
      • Did basic surgery eg. amputating limbs
      • Cost less than a physicians
    • Care in the Home
      • Most ill people throughout this period were treated at home by a female family member
      • The village 'wise woman', often the Lady of the Manor, would also tend to people in their homes for free
    • Physicians
      • Medically trained at university and passed exams
      • Diagnosed illnesses and gave treatments, or sent patients to the apothecary or barber-surgeon
      • Expensive, so mainly used by the wealthy
      • Very few of them, with with women physicians incredibly rare
    • Apothecaries
      • Received training but no medical qualifications
      • Mixed medicines and ointments based on their own knowledge or directions of a physician
      • Cost money (but less than a physician)


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