was it Edward or Northumberland who changes the act of succession?

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  • Who changed the act of succession in 1553?
    • notes on act of sucession from January in Ed's hand writing
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  • Northumberland
    • LJG married Guildford Dudley in May 53
      • debatable as Ed was recovering
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  • Edward VI
    • Ed suggested that the crown should go to "lady Jane's heirs, male"
      • He intended to bar Mary from succession due 2 her Catholicism
      • Edward's role model in kingship was his father - he was an authoritarian
        • W.K. Jordan Edward VI: The Threshold of Power- the Dominance of the Duke of Northumberland 1970 ,p.494 “ “But it was the king, not Northumberland, who was in fact exerting continuous and irresistible pressure. On June 15th the judges were again called in front of him, and with sharp words and angry countenance’ the King commanded Montague to obey on his allegiance which several Lords standing nearby declared it manifest treason to refuse"


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