World Health Organisation

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  • WHO      (world health organisation)
    • Monitors the health status of developing countries
    • Provides emergency assistance to people who have undergone a distaste e.g. flood
    • Combats disease e.g. organising a vaccination programme for malaria
    • Provides stats on the spread of disease globally e.g. AIDS
    • Co-ordinates health promotion activities globally e.g eating more fruit and veg worldwide
    • Provides information? raises awareness on global health risks e.g. SARs & how to avoid it
    • Produces policies on health that governments can share
    • Conducts & funds research e.g. health effects of mobile phone usage
    • Recommends on health behaviour e.g. sugar no more that 10% of a healthy diet
    • Sets standards for production e.g food or medicine
    • Monitors the status of developing countries


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