Video Game Mindmap 1

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  • Video game ideas
    • WHO
      • The intended audience is children.
      • The market audience is adults as they will be making the purchase.
    • WHAT
      • Cloud 9 (Action/Educational genre)
      • Multiform (Puzzle/Educational genre)
        • Create numbers from the jelly to complete the equation
    • WHERE
      • It will be published on mobile/tablet.
      • It could also be published on a console such as Nintendo
    • WHY
      • Purpose of genre
        • I chose educational because the parents will know their children are also learning while playing the game which will be effective as it will encourage them to buy it.
        • Action would mean that the kids would not find the educational elements boring. They would remain interested in the game and have fun. making it more interesting.
          • In one of my games you can play as a superhero which creates immersion. The kids feel like they are a super human which will improve their confidence whilst playing.
      • Platform
        • Mobile and tablets are more portable. This is effective as it means the game can be taken anywhere encouraging more play.
          • The controls on mobile are more simplified as it just requires tapping the screen making it easier for children to understand.
      • Target and market audience
        • However it needs to appeal to adults as they are the target market. Therefore it will have the ability to have local multiplayer.
          • This will encourage the parents to buy the game as they know they can play alongside their child and not see it as a form of isolation.
        • This is shown from the bright colours and simple objective.
          • The bright colours will also have positive connotations, This is effective as it will create a positive atmosphere when being played.


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