White Collar & Corporate Crime: Crime In The Suites

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  • White Collar & Corporate Crime: Crime In The Suites
    • White collar and corporate crime is often referred to as 'crimes of the suites' as it is often committed in the suites of offices and boardrooms by the middle class
    • Croal (2007) Definition of White Collar Crime & Corporate Crime
      • White-Collar Crime
        • Offences committed by middle class individuals who abuse their work positions for personal gain, at the expense of the employers, clients or the government
      • Corporate Crime
        • Offences committed by large companies, or individuals acting on behalf of companies, which directly benefits the company rather than the individuals and involves increased profits or the survival of the organisation
    • Pearce (1976) calls white collar and corporate crimes 'crimes of the powerful' and often the amounts of money involved in these crimes is huge and the human misery arising as a consequence is so serious that these crimes dwarf the everyday crimes committed by the WC


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