Egyptian Medicine

A summary of the factors that affected Egyptians medicine and how they affected it.

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  • Which factors helped the Egyptians to make progress?
    • Communication
      • trade
      • they could write
        • this meant that they could pass down knowledge and information which made it easier to treat common diseases
    • way of life
      • they cleaned
        • this meant that they had better personal hygiene
      • they were wealthy
        • this meant that they could afford better medicine and found new materials and could afford specialist doctors
    • science
      • had more knowledge about the body
        • this meant that they knew about organs and they knew what could go wrong therefore this made treatment easier
    • religion
      • believed in spirits
        • this meant that they didn't look for natural causes and didn't look for why a disease caused symptions
      • believed they had to be clean to pray
        • this meant that they stayed clean and would bathe before worshipping
    • technology
      • they had tools made of copper
        • this means that they could do harder operations
      • had paper that was called papyrus
    • team-work
      • passed knowledge down
        • this means that new ways to treat things would be shared making diseases easier to treat


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