Which factors helped improve Public Health in the 1900's? 

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  • Which factors helped improve Public Health in the 1900's?
  • Least important: War because it helped new techniques and methods however made no real improvement to public health.
    • Religion was also not important because at this time there wasn't much strictness around religious beliefs.
      • Most and least important.
        • Individuals: because many of the individuals stated made discoveries that helped improve public health. for example John Snow stopped people being allowed to enter the sewers, preventing the spread of disease from sewers to people.
          • The government was important because they helped pass laws and improve living conditions, which contributed to the increase of public health.
            • Communication was important because it was the only way to voice the happenings of the Cholera and without communication through the maps and books nobody would have improved their public health.
    • Chance of the great stink was a little important but overall i deem it not to be. This is because individuals were already discovering the link of cholera and water, so soon after the great stink they would have found the infected water anyway.


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