Where I come from

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  • Where I Come From
    • Theme
      • Peoples Past shapes them up
      • Contrast of city and countryside
      • In the poem the Persona has a contrast between the polluted and  disgusting city with the blooming and wild nature in the country side.
    • Structure
      • The entire poem is free-verse until stanza 3 where there is a rhyming couplet
      • Stanza 1 is about the city while Stanza 2 is about the countryside.
      • Stanza 1 fits as a puzzle piece with stanza 2
    • Imagery
      • Nature
        • Spring/Winter
          • New life, vacation, colour, start-over, hope, warmth
      • Sensory Language
      • City
      • Contrast of city and countryside
    • Tone
      • Nastalgic
      • Shows a lot of opinion/ very informative/story telling
      • Realistic


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