When is risk is likely in psychological research?

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  • Where risk is likely in psychological research
    • Vulnerable participants
      • Children under 18
        • Potential safeguarding risks
      • Adults who lack capacity or those in unequal relationships
    • Sensitive topic
      • Where research is sensitive in nature
      • Eg. research on sexuality, ethnicity, gender etc.
    • Deception
      • Research where significant deception is used
        • Those involved should be debriefed to clear this up
    • Records and sensitive data
      • Obtaining private information about people
      • Should be kept confidential
    • Harm
      • Some procedures could cause pain, distress or harm
      • Participants should be monitored during and after procedures
    • Experiences
      • Research involving hypnosis, exercise or invasive techniques
      • Experimenters should be v cautious
    • Labeling
      • Research leading to participants self labelling
        • Eg. i have poor memory or low iq
      • Conclusions and results of research should be properly explained to particiants
    • Biological samples
      • Research involving taking samples
        • Eg. blood
      • Should be confidential




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