When does life start?

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  • When does life start?
    • Jonathon Glover
    • Pope Pius IX
      • “From the moment of conception the embryo is a person.”-
    • Genesis 2:7
      • Lord formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostril the breath of life, nd man became a living being.’=- Genesis 2:7 Despite the circumstances of a life it is always valued and respected. Only God can end what he has set in motion. 
    • Jack Mahony
      • the distinction between human being and personhood is found in the importance we, as human beings, attach to consciousness and rational life.’ -Rationality-the power and use of reason in life,-sentience-the ability to feel ,-emotions-free will and choice,Continuity-being able to link one’s past, present and future
    • Peter Singer
      • Peter Singer-‘A person may not be a homosapien, only a biological species can be a homosapian’ On these grounds he believes that an adult chimpanzee had more values than a foetus as they do not have consciousness. 
    • Joseph Fletcher
      • The indicators of a worthwhile human life: Self awareness, self control, sense of the future, sense of the past, capacity to relate to others, concern for others, communication, curiosity.
    • Stanley Hauerwas
      • UMy uncle Charlie is retarded but he’s still my Uncle Charlie.’ Lacking some characteristics of personhood does not make him less of a person. ntitled
    • Ronald Dworkins
      • Zoe for life as an Animal and bios for a persons history and actions.- States ‘zoe’ has begun when biological life has begun. But his/her ‘Bios’ is more difficult to decide.
    • Aristotle
      • 'one swallow does not make a summer’- there is not one time of characteristic which determines personhood. We cannot point to moment when somebody becomes a person. 
    • R.C Church
      • The Deckaration on Procured Abortion (1974)- “It (foetus)would never be made human if it were not human already.”- R.C Church It does not recognise the difference between a human being and human person. 


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