When We Two Parted

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  • When We Two Parted
    • Context
      • Attributes to 1908
      • Most likly related to Lady Francis Wedderburn
      • At time affairs were not uncommon, as divorce was difficult.
    • Storyline
      • Poem tells of two people who are involved in an secrect relationship.
      • Their affair was private and not publicly declared.
      • The speaker shows regret over the relationship and distrust and dislike that he now feels.
    • Character
      • The poem is in first person.
      • The bitter tone of the poem "chill" and "broken-hearted" suggest the speaker in angry.
      • Rhetorical question "Why wert though so dear?" he asks himself if he is no longer attracted to her and wishes the relationship had never happened.
      • The character of the speaker is strongly emotional and appears to blame his "lover" for her broken promises.
      • He seems to relish the idea that revenge or a meeting which will hurt her.
      • We only know the charters through one person not two. So it is a one sided view.
    • Themes
      • The power of hindsight
      • Betrayal and disappoint- ment
      • The danger within forbidden relationships
      • The lasting emotional suffering that romance can cause
    • Form and structure
      • A/B/A/B consistent rhyme scheme
      • 4-6 syllables per line
      • Use of refrain "silence and tears"
      • Events come in a full circle
      • Outcome was always predictable from the beginning.
    • Sound effects
      • Harsh sounds, "K" and "CH".
      • Ling vowel sounds "cold" and "colder".
      • Imagery refers to a warning bell
      • Rhetorical question also creates a tonal quality of disbelief
      • Alliteration to emphasise their joint wrong-doing.
      • Riddle is used showing the secrecy and complication of their hidden relationship.
      • Parallel phrasing, for a little mirror effect.
    • Imagery
      • Diction combined to show his regret, pain and anger.
      • Pathetic fallacy is used with the wetness which created a warning chill for his emotions.
      • Imagery to show concern, as this is here we show worry and fear.
      • personifica-tion of her heart and spirit to show how even her body conspires against him.


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