RE MOLAD Why Some People Don't Believe

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  • Why some people don't believe in LAD
    • If they don't believe in God, they may not believe in the spirit world either.
    • The different religions all contradict each other. If LAD was real, they would all believe the same thing.
    • All evidence of the paranormal has been challenged by science.
    • There is nowhere LAD could happen, since journeys above the clouds have shown that heaven isn't there.
    • We expect science to prove things for us in the 21st century, but so far it hasn't
    • Science has analysed NDEs and has found they could be caused by oxygen deprivation
    • It goes against common sense, death means the end of life, and nobody has come back from the dead recently
    • Ghosts could be figments of the imagination or wishful thinking


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