What will happen to technology in the future

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  • What will happen to technology in the future
    • Business as usual
      • 1. Likely to lead to further increase in greenhouse gas emissons, land degradation and water shortages.
      • 2. Global inequality will grow leaving some areas of the world technology poor
      • 3. Countries such as Bangladesh face the added issue of climate change impacts as there are 10m people who live on land less than 1m above sea level.
      • 4. Therefore a country like bangladesh can only use technollgy to cope with the frequent flood disasters that afflict it but longer-term solutions to prevent the disaster lies in the hands of development world
    • Technological convergence
      • 1. The spread of he motor vehicle is an example of this and they allow individual mobility, road transport which is key in development as it allows markets and networks to operate and transport in an industry accounts for up to 10% of the GNP providing jobs and income growth
      • 2. The launch of the Tata Nano in India priced at $2500 will allow the poorer people to access transport.
      • Also leads to other problems such as increases in Co2 emissions
    • Energy efficiency
      • 1. The automotive X prize is a global competition to find 100mpg four-passenger car
      • 2. The winner will receive 7.5 million and aims to encourage technological breakthroughs.
      • 3. Other examples include: electric cars, hydrogen cars and bio fuel cars
    • Technology transfer
      • 1. IMF report concluded that education was the key to ensuring people in less developed parts of the world could benefit from new technologies
      • 2. The commitment to development technology index shows the developed world's willingness to allow this technology transfer


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