What were the reasons for the 1911 Revolution

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  • What were the reasons for the 1911 Revolution?
    • Political
      • Regent Chun sacked able men like Yuan Shikai & replaced them with his fellow conservitives & relatives
      • Resentment of Manchus for being non-Han (eg. pigtails) & for bding wask by allowing foreign ancessions
      • Sun Yatsen campained for 3 Principles & tried to overthrow Machus 10 times
      • Desire for a more modern state or to withstand foreigners
        • eg. Japan
        • abandon Confucian philosophy
    • Economic
      • long term hardship of peasant life
      • Bad harvests caused widespread discontent
      • Taxes increased to pay for the modernisation
        • New Army
      • Poor compensation for railway owners
    • Resentment of Foreigners
      • Heightened by the suppression of the Boxers & new plans to nationalise railways using foreign money/ techniques
      • Opium
      • Christian missionaries
      • Territorial concessions
        • Hong Kong
      • Trade privlages


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