Effects of the Purges

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  • What were the effects of the Purges?
    • The Red Army lost almost all its experienced officers. In 1941 it stood no chance against the German army.
    • Science and technology suffered as new inventions were stopped. Stalin actually prevented developed in some areas by clinging to outdated ideas.
    • Industry suffered because managers were unwilling to try anything new.
    • Literature art and music were all stifled. Only Stalin's favourite form of art, Socialist Realism was accepted. This showed workers striving to create the Soviet Union.
    • By eliminating older figures, Stalin was able to promote younger men who owed their success to him. This made them completely loyal.
    • Lavrenti Beria became the head of the NKVD, and Georgi Malenkov, who was expected to be Stalin's successor.


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