What was Life like for Young People in Nazi Germany?

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  • What was Life Like For Young People In Nazi Germany?
    • Young people were important, as they were considered the future of Germany, and the future generations of the 'master race'.
    • Nazis used schools to spread their ideas
    • Children learnt about the glorified facts of the Nazis, and were continually told about how Jews were inferior
    • Every lesson revolved around Nazi views
    • Boys learnt military skills in alomst every lesson
    • Physical fitness was considered extremely important for both boys and girls
    • Girls learnt domestic science every other day, and it was considered key to create strong, German mothers and housewives
    • Your free time would also be dominated by the Nazis, through youth groups - Hitler youth for Boys, and German league of maidens for girls
      • Groups were entirely devoted to Hitler and his Nazi ideals
      • Boy learnt how to clean rifles, map skills and more physical fitness
      • Gilrs learnt cooking sewing and singing
      • Eventually both groups became compulsary
    • The Nazis used children agianst their parent by encouragin them to inform if they siad anything against the Nazis


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